“So happy to have access to this lineage in Byron...”

Authentic Classical Pilates in an intimate setting with a highly professional, experienced and passionate teacher (Andrea) who is so enthusiastic to see your progress as well as a having a strong love to share her knowledge and expertise. So happy to have access to this lineage in Byron...what an honour! Highly recommend this studio.

— N.B.,


“I can’t recommend this place highly enough!”

I've worked with my body for over 40 years and only just discovered classical Pilates. I LOVE what it has taught me about my body! The principle instructor Andrea, has an eagle-eye and ensures I don't stray off into poor body mechanics. At 59 years I feel I am getting stronger and my posture is improving. I can't recommend this place highly enough! True Pilates!

— M.G., Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher Trainer

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“Pilates became part of my training..”

After contracting the swine flu while on a holiday overseas, I had paralysis on half my body. Andrea & Damian helped me find and control muscles that were inactive. Pilates became part of my training and helped to support my body throughout the marathons. I have since been able to do the 10km and 25km working towards to complete a full marathon.

— M.W., Professional Marathon Runner

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“…so amazed by their passion and dedication…”

There's always room for improvement but it has to come naturally, be part of the flow. 
When you understand that you'll never reach perfection you remove the pressure of being great at everything and become more flexible to new experiences, to try, to challenge yourself. Yet, there is no perfection there is always room to grow.
I knew when I decided to subscribe for the ultra marathon that not only I will have to intensify my running but also work on my weak areas, strengthening my core and gluts and improve flexibility. While I was in Byron one of my clients that lives there told me about the @pilatesacademybyronbay and the unique opportunity to experience the traditional Pilates method and how she has improved her body consciousness since her first classes. 
We booked one class for our last night there and I must say, it was one hour of suffering but at the same time we learned so much and were so amazed by their passion and dedication that we managed to fit in another session on the day before 6:30am just before we head back to Sydney. 
So I want to Thank you Andrea and Eric for sharing so many information with us in such a short period of time and showing me the areas that I should be focusing on order to prevent injuries and improve my running.

— L.M., Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Triathlete & Runner


"Pilates compliments my yoga practice.."

I feel pilates compliments my yoga practice and also gives great awareness of how we hold ourselves. This is not just any pilates I'm talking about its True Pilates the way Joseph Pilates intended it to be taught and it will strengthen both your body and mind.

I love pilates and I love yoga and I feel the two compliment each other well...

After pregnancy and birth I felt my body needed to regain strength and tone and Pilates gave me exactly that. I highly recommend True Pilates at Pilates Academy Byron Bay.

— B.E., Holistic Mama, Yogini, Surf & Yoga Photographer

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"The best Pilates in Byron.."

The best Pilates in Byron!! These guys always take the style/method created by the original founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, very seriously but we’re always laughing too!!! These guys are great, couldn’t recommend more highly!!

— M.M., Uni Student


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